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Most known Lefkada beaches:

Agios Ioannis - Myli beach, Ammoglossa beacg, Agios Nikitas beach, Kathisma beach, Port katsiki beach, Perigiali beach, Nydri beach, Mikros Gialos beach, Agiofilli beach, Vassiliki beach

Apart from the natural sights

Lefkada has rich cultural heritage with which you could become more acquainted by visiting the Archaeological museum in the Town of Lefkada or the Ecclesiastical museum in the Faneromeni Convent. The convent itself is a landmark of the island along with the church of Agios Ioannis which was built in 1477! Another not-to-be-missed site is the Fortress of Agia Mavra, very close to the Town.

If you stay in Lefkada town in August

you will be able to join the hustle and bustle of the festival and the cheerful dancers who dance the dance of peace at the end of the parade. There are various options for accommodation, including rooms to let, studios and apartments for families, luxurious hotels and villas as well as camp sites for the more budget conscious travellers.

However, the best of all the events

that are organised on Lefkada in the summer is the International Folklore Festival. The island has a strong literary tradition since it has been the birthplace of many well-respected Greek poets, such as Sikelianos and Valaoritis. The locals have continued their love for literature and art by organising the Literature and Arts Festival. The event peaks with the folklore festival and the town becomes a lively parade with folklore dancers from all over the world sending a message for peace.

Lefkada is well-known for

its impressive coastline with the white sand beaches and the turquoise waters, resembling the tropical paradise of the Caribbean. The lovely beaches and the crystal clear waters are not the only reason for the island’s beauty. Lefkada is a truly verdant island, full of trees and green hills. Even though it has been named after the white mountains which dominate the landscape, the island has rich fauna and flora. The lagoon between Lefkada and the mainland is a protected wetland and perfect shelter for many migratory birds and other rare species.

If you love nature,

apart from the lagoons and the fields, there are other places worth visiting for their natural beauty. Among them we would recommend the waterfalls of Dimossari gorge near Nidri and the huts of the village Voltoi. The plateau of Eglouvi is definitely a must, where you will not only be stunned by the scenery but you will also learn how the rare lentils of Eglouvi are grown.

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